Who Am I

I’m a life coach, writer, speaker, poet and all sorts of other things. My nickname, Zigzag, went viral in 2003. 

I zig and I zag.  Sometimes I wiggle.

You can find out more about me from my site here.

You can read my personal blog here.

You can watch me shape shift and remove negative thoughts here

You can watch me tell strangers I love them here

You can see me in a Panda Suit here

Education and Training

I’ve been a teacher, speaker, spoken word poet, writer and life coach for most of my life. I received my BA in writing at New York University and my MFA in writing at Easter Washington University. I also received my solution-focused life coaching certification at Erickson College.  

I am a fanatic about learning how people tick. 

I’ve studied relationships, dating, communication and sex for over two decades through experiences, formal education, reading a ton of books and talking to hundreds of people on these subjects including strangers, colleagues, and friends. 

I started a weekly thread on my facebook page called “Ask Me Anything Fridays”. It became popular and was a lot of fun.  

A good friend started an acronym WWZD: “What Would Zigzag Do?” So I started this advice-column-blog.

Now you can ask me anything  – any time. 

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